We can usually help with your searches, especially if they relate to Seaham, Dawdon and Dalton le Dale. We can also often help with questions relating to Murton. Services offered…. Local Parish Records searched. Census records 1891 and earlier searched, (Seaham, Dawdon, New Seaham and Seaton). These are local records produced by Tony Whitehead and George Turns with the benefit of local knowledge and without most of the errors and omissions in those generally available.

Trade Directories searched (Seaham, Dawdon, Seaton, 1838-1938) Photographs of churches, interior/exterior, old/new. Photographs of streets and workplaces, 1870 to present date.

See where your ancestors lived and worked. Photographs of gravestones/memorials where possible. Site visits to all areas of Seaham and local villages within reason Local war memorials where your ancestor is named or remembered. Possible help with photographs of old streets in Murton, Sunderland, Hawthorn and Thornley (pre 1937).

It is also worth asking for pictures of other towns and villages on our Town List, maybe our visitors can help. Coming soon, photographs of all gravestones or memorials and records whether in the UK or Europe of all Seaham folk killed serving during WW1. Also records of all those who survived, this wonderful facility will come courtesy of John and Kathleen Anderson

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