A list mostly taken from the diary of James Coyle

John Scott (Bally) and George Neil were drowned at Seaham by the SS Harvest Queen (whose skipper was Huntrod) on October 12 1887

 John Leslie (aged six and a half) was killed by wagons on the Rainton line near Seaham Brickworks in May 1889

 Caroline Winter was murdered near the Featherbed Rock on August 2 1889.

 After putting a pilot on board from his coble Tom Scott was run down by the S.S. Garron Tower on April 26 1891. His body was never found. The Garron Tower’s skipper was called Horlock.

 George Miller, 21, was drowned at Seaham Harbour on July 20 1896

 J.K. Hewison dropped dead suddenly in the Foresters’ Arms on February 22 1897

.J.K. Tate died suddenly whilst descending shaft of Seaham Colliery in January 1898.

 J. Pickles (aged seven and a half) was drowned off the old North Pier on May 2 1899.

 Jim Percy of School Street, Seaham Colliery committed suicide in July 1900.

 John Bowes of Seaham Harbour was hanged at Durham Gaol on December 12 1900 for the murder of his wife on Seaham Beach.

 Arthur Hudson, 17, was killed at Seaham Docks in June 1901.

 Mr. Brown, Engineer for Pearson & Co. was drowned at Seaham Docks in 1902.

 John Blair, 15, was killed by an explosion of dynamite at Seaham Docks on March 17 1903.

 Arthur Slee was killed on the South Hetton line on June 26 1904.

 Margaret Chisholm murdered by George breeze on 6th July 1904

 George Breeze hanged at Durham on 5th August 1904

 John Boyle was drowned near Featherbed Rocks on August 1 1904.

 Bill Gale, 42, horse-keeper of Seaham, committed suicide on November 2nd 1906.

 Sgt Jack Corrigan, 2nd. Durham Volunteer Artillery, was killed at Seaham Colliery Station on March 31 1908 or early hours of April 1.

 J.K. Heppell of Church Street committed suicide in August 1909. A few days later Tom Fletcher of the same passage also committed suicide.

 Bill Bell, 40, a stoneman of Seaham Colliery, committed suicide on April 2 1910.

 J.T. Clark, Builder & Contractor of Seaham, was killed on Ryhope Road motorcycling home on October 14 1910.

 A family quarrel between Robert Price & Peter Morris near the Seaton Colliery Inn on August 5 (Durham Gala Day) 1912 led to the death of the latter from a blow when he fell.

 Bill Guy, overman at Seaham Colliery committed suicide on March 30 1913 by jumping down No. 2 Pit Chain Balance Hole (1800 feet ??). A 5 year old daughter of his had been killed by Waggons near Bank Head Street on March 28 1906 and he had never recovered from the blow.

 John Dickinson, 14, was drowned off the old North Pier on September 10 1914

 Gus Harrison drowned at Docks 1915

 Ralph Burrell of Swinebank Cottages, suicide, 1916

 Bill Carver, 36, Doggy to Pilots, drowned 1916.

 Jim Macintosh drowned at Docks in 1916.

 James Curry went missing on September 10 1916. Body found (drowned) at the Old Clay Hole, Seaham Colliery.

 Angus Cameron drowned at Docks in 1917.

 Isaac Batey, 67, committed suicide at the bottom of the Black Road, Seaham Colliery, near the Brickworks in 1917.

 W. Bamboro, (Bambrough Bamborough?) 68, accidentally drowned in Old Clay Hole, Seaham Colliery in December 1918.

 W. Heron, 17, drowned off the Spiles, North Beach, on August 7 1920.

 Bob Barker, Picksharper, committed suicide at Seaham Colliery on December 28 1920.

 Samuel Venner, 62, committed suicide at Mill Cottages, Seaham Colliery on March 3 1921.

 Ralph Tennant, 18, drowned down the Muddy Burn (Bessie’s Hole) March 22 1921

 J.K. Hartley, 48, died suddenly at New Seaham Workmens Club on January 21 1922

 Tom Green, 33, was accidentally killed when he fell between his two horses and was trampled on Princess Road on August 28 1922

 Mrs. Nugent of Dawdon was killed at Ryhope Station East by a train on December 27 1922.

 Dr. Squair died suddenly at a Masonic Hall toast to his health on June 13 1923.

 W. Rivett, aged 8, was killed by an Invincible Bus in North Railway Street on October 24 1923. R. Kirby was the driver.

 (Christian name not stated) Griffiths, 5, of Cottages Road, Dawdon, was killed by Bunkers on November 17 1923.

 Charles Edward Armstrong, 48, committed suicide at Seaham Colliery January 10 1924.

 T.J. Johnson, a teemer, fell over a switch at Seaham Dock and was injured on March 28 1924. He died on April 2 1924.

 Mr. Best, 38, a Water Company clerk and engineer, was killed at Dalton-le-Dale whilst motorcycling on May 26 1924.

 Ernest Dixon of Dawdon was drowned at Seaham Hall Beach on July 27 1924.

 The 2 year old son of brickpacker Jack Wright was killed at Seaham Brickworks on July 4 1925

 James Ellemore, 55, committed suicide at Seaham Harbour in August 1925

.Bernard Boyle of Seaham Harbour was killed while pillion riding with R. Turner September 29 1925.

 Charles Scott, Onsetter at Seaham Colliery, died suddenly getting ready for work at 6a.m. October 10 1925.

 Matthew Spencer, 14, killed cycling on North Road, October 23 1925

 Thomas Flack was killed while shunting at Seaham Docks November 9 1925.

 W. Henderson, 45, died suddenly in Dawdon Workmens Club in December 1925.

 Millbone (???) Cottages murder and suicide on April 19 1926: George Burnett, 45 and his son Edward, 3

 A. Balmer, Compensation Secretary to Dawdon Colliery found dead on railway near Dawdon August 19 1926

 Bill Clint, 71, found dead hanging at No. 4 Candlish Terrace on December 12 1926.

 James Winter, Master Weighman at Seaham Colliery, died suddenly at work at the High Pit on February 3 1927.

 Thomas Stevens, a miner of Houghton-le-Spring, was found dead on Seaham Beach on March 29 1927.

 Whitfield Kay was dead in bed from gas poisoning at Dawdon on June 13 1927.

 G. Carver, 9, and H. Proctor, 8, were buried alive by a cliff fall at Blast Cliffs on Sunday August 21 1927. Proctor survived.

 Jacky Haswell of Railway Street went missing on August 9 1927. He was found buried at Blast Cliffs Coal Tip on September 1 1927.

Probably another landslide victim.

 James Houghton of Halfmoon Cottages, Easington, was found drowned on Seaham Beach by J. G. Tullock on November 24 1927.

 R.B. Irwin, 7, lost, then found drowned in North Dock by W. Puddick, April 17 1928.

 A crane collapsed at Seaham Docks on August 9 1928, killing John Skethaway, 32, and injuring William Reed, 34.

 Bill Carter, 72, accidentally killed by motor car on Vicarage Bank, Seaham Colliery on November 1 1928.

 Robert Turnbull, 50, manager of Seaham Colliery Co-op branch, was found drowned at Docks by J. R. Snowball on November 5 1928.

 G.O. Magee, 14, was killed on the South Hetton line on November 23 1928.

 Reuben Wood, 20, a bricklayer of Waldridge Fell, was killed by a Northern Bus opposite Seaham Co-op Store on December 14 1928.

 John Reaper, 36, was killed in a fatal accident at Seaham Docks on January 23 1929

 T. Weetman, a 58 year old painter, was burnt to death on the Featherbed Rock on March 17 1929.

 W. Hall of 48 Fox Street was drowned in Seaham Dock on April 3 1929

 Gladys Clark, 7 and a half, was accidentally burnt at Carr House on May 20 1929. Died at Infirmary the next day.

 Mrs. M. Grimes of Seaham Harbour was killed by a bus at Cold Hesledon on September 14 1929

Robert Reed, 17, of Alfred Street was killed at Seaham Docks on December 26 1929.

 Harry Holman, Tugboatman, drowned at Docks on February 4 1930.

 John Liddell, 3, of Alexandra Road, was killed by a bus on March 1 1930.

 Miss Anne Brown, 15, was killed by a bus near the Catholic church on Sunday March 30 1930.

 There was a fatal motor accident near the Toll Bar public house on May 11 1930 involving  Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Whitelock and Mr. & Mrs. Jack Scott, all of Seaham. Mrs. Scott was killed.

 Boiler exploded at Seaham Colliery on June 20 1930. Four men (West, Watson, Smith & Pattison) burnt. West died at Infirmary three days later.

 F.W. Botcherby, 15, drowned at Seaham Hall Beach on July 19 1930.

 George Carver (Mutt) and two brothers called Pattison from Sunderland were drowned on July 20 1930. One of the bodies (Pattison) was recovered.

 Stanley Lamb, 9, was killed by a petrol wagon near Times Inn on September 3 1930.

 There was a fatal fire at Vane Terrace, Seaham Harbour on Sunday morning December 14 1930. Miss Mary Watson, 83, and Police Sergeant Little, 47, were both burnt to death.

 There was a fatal accident at Dawdon Baths on December 24 1930 when Henry Wilkinson, 27, fell from a scaffold.

 George Edward Gordon, a fitter, was found dead on Dawdon Beach January 14 1931. He had been missing from 8 Grants Crescent since December 27 1930.

 J. R. Weighill (aged seven and a half) was killed by a motor car near Dawdon Hill Farm on February 5 1931.

 Micky Davison, 57, was killed whilst coal gathering at the Blast February 19 1931.

 A quarrel between Neil Brady, 36, and G.W. Batey, 23, on February 9 1931 led to Brady dying at the Infirmary on March 4. Batey was charged with manslaughter but acquitted by Malcolm Dillon at the Court House on March 11.

 W. Barker, 42, of Adolphus Street was found drowned near the Spiles on April 13 1931.

 Mrs. Margaret Finn, 44, died in Belgium June 10 1931. She was buried at Seaham Harbour on June 18.

 Christopher B. Etherington, 23, was drowned at Seaham Hall Beach on July 19 1931. Body found July 30.

 Matthew Cavanagh, 60, found dead on Dawdon Beach September 11 1931.

 John Davison of Cottages Road was killed on the LNER embankment by a train on October 10 1931.

 Peter Kenny, 66, of Swinebank Cottages died at Sunderland Municipal Hospital from throat wounds (suspect) on October 22 1931.

 Edward F. Flack, 29, died suddenly in the Golden Lion on November 1 1931.

 J.W. Williamson of Seaham Harbour killed at Glasgow on January 7 1932.

 Mrs. M.E. Fletcher (nee Curry) was killed by the rear wheels of a bus when alighting at the Bank, Bath Terrace on December 28 1931.

 Ralph Burton, 42, a windowcleaner was killed by a fall from his ladder in Frances Street on March 11 1932.

 Cyclist Frank Feighan, 13, was killed by a bus at Walter Willson’s corner, Dawdon, on March 29 1932.

 W.P. Hutchinson, 28, of Sophia Street. murdered his wife by cutting her throat and then committed suicide by the same method on April 6 1932.

 William Walker, 10, killed on the Braddyll Railway near Foundry Road Crossing on April 13 1932.

 Thomas Wright of Seaham Harbour was killed by a derrick accident on the Isle of Wight on May 21 1932.

 Royal Oak in Pilot Terrace closed on June 3 1932. Jim Smith was the last landlord. He died at the Vane Arms on November 28 1933.

 Robert McGauchie, 58, of Seaham died suddenly in the queue at the Labour Exchange in Stewart Street on September 6 1932.

 E.J. Mann, 3, of Back Church Street was scalded to death on Sunday September 4.

 William Curwen, 18, of Seaham Colliery was drowned September 7 1932. Body found September 14.

 John Smith Savage, 17, of Seaham Colliery was drowned at Seaham Beach on October 2 1932.

 Unemployed Charles McCormack was killed on the LNER near Dawdon Vaiduct on August 11 1933.

 Thomas Duggan, 32, missing from his Deneside home, was found dead on Blast Beach on November 23 1932.

 Henry Pugh, 61, collapsed and died near Dawdon Hill Farm on November 28 1932.

 Walter Monkhouse, 52, of Frederick Street was found drowned in a well in his garden by his sister Mrs. Griffiths on January 1 1933.

 Albert Henderson of Frederick Street was killed at the Docks on January 16 1933.

 W. Gills killed at Deep Water Quay when a steel grab fell on him Febraury 2 1933.

 Edward Younger, 7, was killed by a motor bus on the Stockton Road on May 11 1933.

 G.F. Leader and his wife were killed in a motor accident on June 13 1933. Their nephew Geoff Leader was driving.

 W. Fisher, 9, was drowned near the Featherbed Rock whilst playing on the old railway line on July 11 1933. Eight days later the railway was stripped out under the foremanship of J. Botcherby.

 Edward Hardwick was killed at the Blast whilst gathering coal on May 1 1933.

 Vera Heron, 9, of South Terrace was found drowned near the Dock Entrance by J. Willis on July 20 1933.

 A trapeze snapped at Seaham Harbour Scouts Hut on August 6 1933 and William Shanks, 24, was killed

Fred (Chick) Allen, 68, of Seaham was found drowned at the Dock August 29 1933

Robert Henry, Pilot, 68, died suddenly at the Dock on Sunday October 8 1933.

 James Dickinson, 63, a screener, was drowned in Seaham Dock November 3 1933.

 Leslie Allen, 14, of Ivy Avenue, Deneside was killed by a motor bus on Strangford Road on November 13 1933.

 Thomas Clark, 65, of School Street, Dawdon died suddenly in Dawdon Pit on November 21 1933.

 The body of Robert Kirby, 60, of Dawdon, missing from home since January 2 1934 was found at the Blast on January 15.

Miss Mary Brown of Swinebank Cottages was scratched by a bone while cleaning fish and died as a result a few days later on June 16 1934.

 Fred Remmer, 39, was killed gathering coal at the Blast on June 29 1934.

 William Taylor, a sacker, was killed by a barrel of oil on South Dock Bank on July 6 1934.

 Mrs. Alice S. Rowell (nee Teasdale) of Helen Street, Dawdon fell from a ladder while cleaning her new residence and died at the Infirmary on September 27 1934

 Joseph Wilkins, 39, of Viceroy Street, Seaham Harbour died in the (Rhodes) barber’s chair on November 15 1934.

 Thomas Edmundson, 46, was killed near the coal depot at Deneside when a cyclist Thomas Jubb, 32, collided with him.

 James Lashley, 20, of Swinebank Cottages fell over the cliffs at Seaham Hall on December 8 1934 and died later at the Infirmary

.Mrs. Meg Mattimore (nee Heaton), 48, of Caroline Street suffered severe burns on February 1 1935 and died at the Infirmary three days later.

Thomas Green, 74, of the Lawns, Deneside collapsed and died in the bus on June 7 1935.

 David Lloyd of Cornish Street, Seaham Colliery was killed near the Brickworks by Dilly waggons on October 15 1935.

 John Brough Neil, 55, of the Edinburgh Castle Hotel was killed at Boldon station on Saturday November 2 1935 by the 5.36 p.m. Sunderland Express.

 Mr. Robert M. Ranken, 44, collapsed and died at Jephtha Ballantyne’s Londonderry Hotel near the Bottleworks on December 12 1935.

 Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, 58, of Fox Street, Dawdon committed suicide on March 26 1936.

 Samuel Thompson, 38, of Bethune Avenue, Deneside committed suicide on August 19 1936.

Wilfred Watt, a 22 year old single butcher, committed suicide on Monday September 28 1936.

 Arthur Ferris, a window cleaner, fell from his ladder and was killed in Frederick Street on January 9 1937.

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