St Mary the Virgin, Seahams 7th century church. Photo Dave Angus 2003

St Mary the Virgin, Seaham’s 7th century church.
Photo Dave Angus 2003

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11 Responses to Introduction

  1. christine bell says:

    I am an expat living in Australia. Lots of family in Seaham

  2. pottypotts says:

    This is a great site..and love reading about the people and places of seaham…

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    This is St Mary’s church. It’s one of the oldest in England. It’s lovely inside. It overlooks the sea and it had a pirates grave but vandals got to it so the headstone is kept inside the church. It’s well worth a visit!

  4. Kim morris says:

    Iam very interested to hear from any descendant’s of Henry Anderson from Heligoland. He settled in Seaham Harbour, where he married and had a family,one of which was my grandfather, also called Henry Anderson.

  5. Linda says:

    Hope it all goes well. The Thatchers of Bishop Wearmouth are the family i always look for,

  6. Liz Metcalf says:

    I’m Seaham born and bred, I love reading about the history of Seaham and looking at old photos, there have been a lot of changes over the years, not always for the better though, eg, the closure of the pits

  7. Julie Shuttleworth says:

    My Grandmother worked at Seaham Hall Hospital around 1938 / 39 as a cleaner. I wonder if it is possible to have a copy of the photograph entitiled “Staff at Seaham Hall Sanatorium 1938 / 39”?

  8. Frances Burnip says:

    My mother died in Seaham Hall when it was a sanitarium in 1944. I would love a photo of the hall as it was then, if that’s possible.
    The chronology of the day to day happenings of Seaham is fascinating.

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